WP9: Dissemination and Exploitation

Work package number9
Work package titleDissemination and Exploitation
Objectives To disseminate the project’s findings and tools through academic papers, public presentations, and online platforms.
Description of work
WP9’s activities will center around the dissemination of the project’s findings, methodologies, and AI tools. This includes the publication of academic papers in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at international conferences, and engaging the public through well-orchestrated outreach programs. Online platforms will be leveraged to maximize reach and impact, including the project website, social media channels, and open-access repositories.

In addition to traditional academic dissemination, WP9 will exploit the project outcomes by ensuring the AI tools developed are accessible to practitioners in the field. This may involve the creation of user-friendly interfaces, online tutorials, and interactive webinars. Efforts will be made to secure the inclusion of these tools in educational programs and professional training modules.

The WP9 will be led by UC3M, with Roger Martinez-Davila as the Head Project Director. Collaborating participants will include Daniel Tejerina from UA, along with senior collaborators and post-docs contributing to the creation of dissemination materials and the execution of outreach activities.

The deliverables from WP9 will encompass a final report summarizing the project’s outcomes, a suite of academic publications, a strategic dissemination plan, and a series of public presentations that will help to cement the project’s legacy and ensure its tools and findings continue to impact the field long after its conclusion.


Lead Participant
Roger Martinez-Davila (Head Project Director, 2 person-months)
Program Manager (Lola?), UC3M Library of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, 1 person-months
Jaime Alvar Ezquerra (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)
Maria Mirella Romero Recio (Senior Collaborator,1 person-months)
Post-Doc for AI and Data Issues, 2 person-months
Post-Doc for History Research and Policy Issues, 2 person-months

Collaborating Participants

Daniel Tejerina (Site Project Director, 2 person-months)
Jaime Molina Vidal (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)
Post-Doc for History Research and Data Issues, 1 person-months

Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc AI Site Project Director, 1 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 1, 2 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 2, 2 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 3, 2 person-months

Ana Rodriguez Lopez (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)

Deliverables: Final report, academic papers, public presentations, and a dissemination strategy.