Work Plan and Resources

The work plan is divided into nine Work Packages (WPs). The work plan spans 36 months and involves multiple partners, including UC3M, U of Alicante (UA), Partner 3-AI & Tool Developer, and Partner 4-Policy/Ethics.

Timing and Components (Gantt Chart)

The  nine work packages (WPs) for the URRACA project, along with the lead participants and a brief description, are as follows:

  1. Project Management. Lead: UC3M. Description: Oversees the project’s comprehensive tasks, including administration, R&D, implementation, and evaluation, ensuring project cohesion and successful delivery of objectives.
  2. Data Collection and Standardization. Lead: UA. Description: Focuses on collecting, curating, and standardizing historical data related to ancient and medieval Iberia, making it accessible and interoperable for further research.
  3. AI-Human Collaboration. Lead: Partner 3-AI & Tool Developer. Description: Investigates frameworks for AI to complement human historical research, enhancing the analysis of complex historical data while addressing source reliability.
  1. AI Curriculum Development. Lead: UC3M. Description: Develops an educational curriculum for AI training from undergraduate to senior scholar levels, covering historical periods with a focus on Iberia.
  2. AI Training and Tool Development. Lead: Partner 3-AI & Tool Developer. Description: Trains AI and develops tools to assist historians, archaeologists, and linguists, emphasizing reliable and dynamic research support.
  3. Ethical AI Deployment. Lead: Partner 4-Policy/Ethics. Description: Scrutinizes the ethical implications of AI in historical research to ensure the development of trustworthy AI adhering to ethical standards.
  4. Capacity Building.  Lead: UA. Description: Aims to build European expertise on AI’s societal impacts through educational workshops, seminars, and collaborative networks.
  5. Policy Recommendations. Lead: Partner 4-Policy/Ethic. Description: Provides policy recommendations based on the project’s findings, influencing European R&I policy in the deployment of AI in historical research.
  6. Dissemination and Exploitation. Lead: UC3M. Description: Disseminates project results and tools via academic publications, public presentations, and online platforms to ensure wide accessibility and application. 

Each work package contributes to the overarching goal of integrating AI into historical research, ensuring the project’s advancements are ethically guided, widely disseminated, and effectively utilized across Europe.

Graphical Presentation (Pert Chart)

The PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) chart for the URRACA Project, visually representing the work packages (WPs), their sequence, dependencies, and their ultimate completion. The nodes are positioned according to the topological order which helps in understanding the flow and dependencies of the work packages.

Detailed Work Description

Work Packages (Table 3.1a)

Work Package NoWork Package TitleLead Participant NoLead Participant Short NamePerson MonthsStart MonthEnd Month
1Project Management1UC3M21136
2Data Collection and Standardization2UA288133
3AI-Human Collaboration3UNISAEN63.5712
4AI Curriculum Development1UC3M41.51219
5AI Training and Tool Development3UNISAEN1041936
6Ethical AI Deployment4Partner 4-Policy/Ethics262533
7Capacity Building2UA203136
8Policy Recommendations4Partner 4-Policy/Ethics342436
9Dissemination and Exploitation1UC3M25636