WP1: Project Management

Work package number1
Work package titleProject Management
Objectives To provide comprehensive oversight of the project, including administrative tasks, R&D, implementation, and evaluation
Description of work

WP1 will oversee the entire URRACA project, focusing on the strategic alignment of AI-human collaboration, the development of an AI curriculum, the creation of AI tools, the examination of ethical AI deployment, capacity building, and the formulation of policy recommendations. The project management team will employ a systematic approach to facilitate the interaction between AI and historians, ensuring that AI complements human expertise in analyzing large datasets from the Roman and Medieval epochs, with particular attention to source reliability.

The pedagogical aspect will involve constructing a comprehensive curriculum to educate the AI, progressing from basic historical concepts to advanced scholarly analysis, with a focus on ancient and medieval Iberia. This structured training will enable the AI to serve as an academic personal assistant, providing innovative research avenues and supporting professionals in history-related fields.

WP1 will also prioritize the ethical deployment of AI, addressing concerns around trust and bias, and ensuring that the AI’s outputs are aligned with European values of ethical research. Moreover, the work package will lay the groundwork for strengthening Europe’s position in understanding the societal impacts of AI, fostering collaborations across various disciplines.

Finally, WP1 will distill insights from the project’s activities to inform European policy, advocating for responsible and informed AI use in historical research and beyond. The management will maintain a continuous dialogue with policymakers, leveraging the project’s findings to shape R&I strategies.

Led by UC3M with Roger Martinez-Davila at the helm. Collaborating participants from UA and UNISAEN will also contribute, thus ensuring an interdisciplinary approach to management, bolstering the project’s objectives and reinforcing its commitment to advancing the field of historical studies through the lens of AI.

Lead Participant
Roger Martinez-Davila, Head Project Director, 10 person-months

Collaborating Participants
Daniel Tejerina, Site Project Director, 5 person-months

Post-Doc AI Site Project Director, 6 person-months

Deliverables: Monthly progress reports, quarterly financial audits, annual project evaluations, and risk assessments.