WP8: Policy Recommendations

Work package number8
Work package titlePolicy Recommendations
Objectives  To provide well-founded recommendations for European policy in R&I and other key areas, based on the project’s findings.
Description of work
WP8 is tasked with synthesizing the research findings from all previous work packages to inform European policy directives. It will evaluate the project’s outcomes in terms of AI’s role in historical research, its societal impact, ethical considerations, and educational implications. The work package will produce a comprehensive set of policy recommendations that address the integration of AI in historical studies, the ethical deployment of AI, and the long-term societal effects of AI use in the humanities.

The recommendations will be based on extensive analysis and will be formulated to guide policymakers in creating informed, future-oriented R&I strategies. Workshops, roundtable discussions, and stakeholder consultations will be organized to ensure a wide array of perspectives are considered and to foster an inclusive approach to policy development.

Led by Partner 4-Policy/Ethics, WP8 involves a commitment of key personnel including the Site Project Director and a Post-Doc specializing in policy and ethics issues. Collaborating participants from Partner 3-AI & Tool Developer, UA, UC3M, and CSIC will provide interdisciplinary expertise, ensuring that the policy recommendations are robust, well-rounded, and reflective of the project’s diverse stakeholder base.

The deliverables from WP8 will include policy briefs, recommendation reports, and a strategic policy roadmap. These outputs will not only guide the ethical and effective deployment of AI in historical research but will also provide a template for R&I policy across other disciplines where AI is poised to play a transformative role.


Lead Participant

Partner 4-Policy/Ethics
Post-Doc for Ethics Issues, 6 person-months
Post-Doc for Policy Issues, 6 person-months
Senior Collaborator, 3 person-months

Collaborating Participants

Roger Martinez-Davila, Head Project Director, 2 person-months
Jaime Alvar Ezquerra, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Maria Mirella Romero Recio, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Program Manager (Lola?), UC3M Library of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, 1 person-months
Post-Doc for History Research and Data Issues, 1 person-months
Post-Doc for AI Issues, 1 person-months

Daniel Tejerina, Site Project Director, 2 person-months
Jaime Molina Vidal, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc for History Research and Data Issues, 1 person-months

Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc AI Site Project Director, 1 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 1, 2 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 2, 2 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 3, 2 person-months

Ana Rodriguez Lopez (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)

Deliverables: A comprehensive policy recommendation report, policy briefs, and stakeholder consultations.