WP4: AI Curriculum

Work package number4
Work package titleAI Curriculum Development
Objectives To develop a pedagogical approach for training the AI, including a curriculum that spans from undergraduate to senior scholar levels.
Description of work
WP4 is dedicated to the development of a structured AI curriculum that provides the AI with a learning trajectory from basic historical knowledge to complex scholarly analysis. This curriculum will encompass various historical periods, with a strong focus on ancient and medieval Iberia, while also integrating a broader global context. The pedagogical approach will include primary written sources, artifacts, and archaeological site data, with the aim to train the AI in identifying, interpreting, and analyzing these materials accurately.

Training modules will be created that simulate undergraduate to postgraduate level education, gradually increasing in complexity, and will be benchmarked against academic standards. In addition, the curriculum will cover ethical considerations in AI application to ensure responsible use in historical analysis. The AI will be tested for comprehension, critical thinking, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to historical discourse.

UC3M, led by Roger Martinez-Davila, will spearhead this effort, dedicating resources including a program manager from the UC3M Library of Humanities, Communication, and Documentation, and several post-docs specializing in AI and historical research. Collaborating participants from UNISAEN and Partner 4-Policy/Ethics will contribute to the curriculum’s technological and ethical dimensions. Other collaborators, such as Daniel Tejerina from UA and Ana Rodriguez Lopez from CSIC, will provide additional scholarly expertise.

The deliverables of WP4 will be a comprehensive AI curriculum, a set of training modules, evaluation metrics to assess AI learning progression, and a report detailing the curriculum development process and its outcomes. This work package ensures that the AI is well-equipped with historical knowledge and research skills, enabling it to become a valuable tool for researchers and scholars in the field of history.


Lead Participant

Roger Martinez-Davila, Head Project Director, 3 person-months
Jaime Alvar Ezquerra, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Maria Mirella Romero Recio, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Program Manager (Lola?), UC3M Library of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, 1 person-months
Post-Doc for History Research and Data Issues, 2.5 person-months
Post-Doc for AI Issues, 2.5 person-months

Collaborating Participants

Daniel Tejerina, Site Project Director, 3 person-months
Jaime Molina Vidal, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc for History Research and Data Issues, 2.5 person-months

Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc AI Site Project Director, 6 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 1, 3 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 2, 3 person-months
Pre-Doc AI Developer 3, 3 person-months

Partner 4-Policy/Ethics
Post-Doc for Ethics Issues, 3 person-months
Post-Doc for Policy Issues, 3 person-months
Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months

Ana Rodriguez Lopez (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)

Deliverables: A comprehensive AI curriculum, training modules, and evaluation metrics.