WP 6: Ethical AI

Work package number6
Work package titleEthical AI Deployment
Objectives To scrutinize and analyze the ethical implications of using AI in historical research, focusing on the principles of trustworthy AI.
Description of work
WP6 will investigate the implications of AI in the context of historical studies, focusing on the adherence to ethical principles and trustworthy AI guidelines. The work package will evaluate how AI algorithms are designed, the data they use, and their interpretative outputs to ensure they are free from cultural and personal biases. An ethical framework will be established to scrutinize the AI’s decision-making processes, with the goal of ensuring that AI applications respect European values and ethical standards.

Drawing from discussions within the URRACA project, WP6 will also document where human and AI understandings converge and diverge, particularly in areas such as emotional resonance, cultural and personal bias, subjective interpretation, contextual nuance, and ethical considerations. This documentation will aid in refining AI training and in shaping tools that respect the complexities of human interpretation and ethical judgment.

WP6 will be led by Partner 4-Policy/Ethics, with the one senior collaborator and two Post-Docs. Collaborating participants will include UNISAEN, UA, UC3M, and CSIC, each contributing expertise to ensure ethical deployment of AI tools. This collaboration will be vital in the iterative process of AI tool development, testing, and refinement, ensuring that ethical considerations are integrated at every stage.

The deliverables from WP6 will include an ethical framework for AI deployment in historical research, a comprehensive report on the ethical implications of AI applications, and guidelines for ethical AI usage in the digital humanities. By establishing these standards, WP6 will not only contribute to the URRACA project’s goal of advancing historical research through AI but also serve as a model for ethical AI deployment in other scholarly and professional domains.


Lead Participant

Partner 4-Policy/Ethics
Post-Doc for Ethics Issues, 6 person-months
Post-Doc for Policy Issues, 6 person-months
Senior Collaborator, 3 person-months

Collaborating Participants

Roger Martinez-Davila, Head Project Director, 2 person-months
Jaime Alvar Ezquerra, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Maria Mirella Romero Recio, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Program Manager (Lola?), UC3M Library of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, 2 person-months

Daniel Tejerina, Site Project Director, 2 person-months
Jaime Molina Vidal, Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months

Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months
Post-Doc AI Site Project Director, 1 person-months

Ana Rodriguez Lopez (Senior Collaborator, 1 person-months)

Deliverables: A comprehensive report on ethical considerations, guidelines for AI deployment, and an ethical audit checklist.